12 Reusable Washable Eco Friendly Mesh Produce Bags for Grocery Shopping or Storage

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Stop Wasting Plastic and Start Reusing Eco-friendly Reusable Grocery Produce Bags Now! These bags are washable, durable, foldable and reusable for grocery and storage. They work great for grocery shopping, toy storage, hobby supplies, travel, garden harvest, beach trips, office supplies, camping trips, road trips, snacks, crafts, picnics.


– Color: Red&Green&Blue.
– Material: Polyester.
– Size: 8 * 12inch(Small);

14 * 12inch(Middle);

17 * 12inch(Large)
– BREATHABLE AND WASHABLE: breathable mesh design instead of sweating inside the store’s plastic bags. Washable and reusable for grocery and storage.
– DURABLE: made of strong, lightweight, easy-to-see-through mesh polyester, Plastic-free & save the environment.
– MULTI-SIZE:The Reusable Grocery Produce Bags in 3 different sizes.

They are 3 pcs Large size(17″*12″), 6 pcs Medium size(14*12″), 3 pcs Small size(8″*12″).
– CONVENIENCE: Drawstring and poplock for conventient opening and closing. Easily Portable, Trouble Free and Hassle Free when bringing these along on your next shopping trip. you can wash the produce directly in these bags and then place them straight into the fridge,less food wasted and great for the environment.
– MULTIFUCTION: transparent storage for travel items and almost any household item. Perfect for toys,fruit, coins, medicine, cables, cosmetics, accessories and much more. Use them to keep things together during grocery shopping,camping, fishing, garden harvest,beach and travels, etc.

Packing list

1 * set of 12pcs Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

(Three Large 12x17in ,Six Medium 12x14in ,Three Small 12x8in)


Additional information


Non-Woven Fabric





3 pcs Small size


6 pcs Medium size


3 pcs Large size


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shopping bag

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cotton produce bags

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12pcs reusable produce bags

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reusable produce bags

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Reusable Mesh Produce Bags


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